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Terms & Conditions

Service Provider: ABMV Global LTD.
Advertiser: the person advertising on the Site
Advertisement: Information placed on the site by the Advertiser including text, images and video files.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By placing an order for advertising services with a Service Provider, you agree to the following conditions with no exceptions. If you don’t understand these terms and conditions, do not use the Site.

1. Services we provide

We do not provide any escort services whatsoever. The Site acts as an advertising service provider. Adverts are placed by the Advertiser and is solely their responsibility. Advertisement published by the Advertiser is visible to public for a certain amount of days. Advertising period is chosen by the Advertiser. New Advertisement published will be checked and approved by approval Team during normal business hours listed on our Site. Time set for an Advertisement is started from the time of approval of the Advertisement. For instance: If Advertiser publishes the Advertisement at 1pm. The Advertisement is approved at 5pm and display period is set for 1 Day, it will expire at 5pm the following day (24 hours from the moment of approval).

2. Published Advertisements

By accepting these Terms & Conditions, Advertiser agrees that published content is their own responsibility including information, images and video files. The Advertiser also agrees that they do not provide any services of sexual nature but only offer their companionship. The Advertiser can register multiple accounts if the Advertisement placed is of different nature/services provided. User account cannot be used by other Advertisers. In case of two Advertisers involved in single Advertisement (Couple or Duo), both parties are agreeing to be part of an Advertisement. Only Advertiser who publishes the Advertisement will be able to cancel or remove the Advertisement. In case of violation of Terms & Conditions, the Service Provider will remove the Advertisement without prior notice and will provide no refund. Advertiser is able to cancel/remove his/her Advertisement at any stage. If an Advertisement is cancelled/removed prior its expiry period, the Service Provider will provide no refund. Advertiser is solely responsible for his/her published content and any liability arising from publishing such. Service Provider carries no responsibility for the content published on the Site.

3. Uptime & Reimbursements

As a Service Provider we put in a lot of time and effort to make sure we have good uptime and our servers are running smooth. In case of our servers being down more than 50% of the Month due to circumstances which are beyond our control, we will reimburse the Advertiser and will add downtime to their Advertisements.

4. Payments

Advertising services are offered free of charge during promotional period of time.

5. Marketing

As the Service Provider we take privacy very seriously. We will not advertise or re-distribute your information on social media unless the Advertiser explicitly agrees to it by selecting appropriate option  at the time of publishing an Advertisement. Photos published by Advertiser will get watermarked in order to protect images against unauthorised use.

6. Age Restrictions
Advertisers publishing content on the Site must be 18 years old and older. By entering the Site you agree and confirm that you have reached 18 years of age. Don’t use the Site if you have not reached 18 years of age. Service provider will request age check for Advertisers if in doubt. The Site contains nudity and is classed as adult website. If you are offended by such content in any way, do not use the Site.

7. Published Media

Any media posted on the Site is Advertisers responsibility. Images have to be your own. No third party images are allowed. The Advertiser has to be clearly seen on the image, face blur effect is allowed. No other markings or logos on the images are accepted. In case where images posted by Advertiser are dishonest or in breach of Terms & Conditions, the Advertisement will be paused for 24 hours and the Advertiser will be contacted. If no response is received from Advertiser in 24 hours, the Advertisement will be removed and no refund will be provided. Swear words are strictly forbidden in Advertisement descriptions. Images published by must not include sexual acts, display of alcoholic drinks or drugs. These images will be removed immediately without any further notice.

8. Reviews

The Site contains reviews posted by third parties. The Service Provider will accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by such information being posted. The Service Provider is not obliged to publish any content submitted by third party if such content is in breach of Terms & Conditions. Third party content is solely third party responsibility. The Advertiser and third-party agrees to hold Service Provider harmless of any legal action fees arising from posting such content.

9. Copyright

All content on this Site is owned by the Service Provider. Should you believe some of the content copyright has been infringed, please report it to Service Provider by email or post. Any unauthorized use of the content on this Site including images, text and video files, is strictly forbidden.

The contract between Advertiser and Service Provider will be legally binding upon publishing the Advertisement. The contract will be deemed completed upon expiry of the Advertisement published by the Advertiser.

These Terms & Conditions will get updated without notice.

Contact Address:

Minyorska Street No. 3, Office No. 5

Updated 10th of January, 2020